Pure Performance Industries

Advanced UV industriesAdvanced UV products play a vital role in numerous industrial processes, including: Semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, medical, marine, cooling towers, and wastewater & reuse. It is applicable to a multitude of industries because it is the safest and most efficient solution to water purification.

UV is the most effective method in disinfection, ozone destruction, and TOC reduction for numerous industrial processes. Advanced UV utilizes UV treatment to provide our customers with simplicity and reliability in each of our products.

Ultraviolet equipment can be installed for industrial, process, and ultra-pure water purposes and can be applied to almost any process where water quality is a concern. Our products provide a solution for UV water applications and are not only limited to the semiconductor/microelectronics, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. With our leading technology and ongoing research and development, we are able to offer customizable equipment to meet your performance needs. For additional information on how we can provide the service and support you need, contact us at info@advanceduv.com.