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ultraviolet equipmentAdvanced UV designs and manufactures ultraviolet equipment, unparalleled in performance and quality. We are committed to advancing the science of UV technology and use the latest tools and programs to build, test, and verify for the most stringent specifications.


Our engineering and manufacturing teams are industry veterans using the latest tools to build your system to exact specifications. We design with the most comprehensive CAD and 3D modeling software, build with precision welding machines, and validate using our own UPW DI system that measures actual TOC reduction performance.  Using our extensive data, we can calculate TOC sizing using your actual flow rates, TOC levels, consumption, return requirements, and reclaim estimations.


Advanced UV is committed to providing the highest level of quality and performance for our customers. Our dedication to quality begins with design and manufacturing and continues through the life of our systems. As your direct source for technical support, our trained engineers are available to provide you with the resources you need. Contact us at info@advanceduv.com or by phone at (562) 407-0299.

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