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Advanced UV’s revolutionary innovation cultivates both real-world experience and our dedication to providing the most efficient ultraviolet water treatment equipment to meet your specific needs. With continuous research and testing, we engineer high-quality, cost-efficient products for industrial, municipal, and commercial use.

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Advanced UV utilizes a unique, comprehensive manufacturing process of UV equipment, distinguishing itself from competitors. Calculations are based on the amount of UV output in the water, in comparison to other manufacturers who interpolate UV intensity in air versus in water. In addition, custom electronic ballasts are coupled with high-performance, low-pressure lamps, which, in return, provide a 20 percent increase in output. As a result, Advanced UV products perform at higher levels of quality, efficiency, and longevity than competing UV equipment.

All Advanced UV products are designed and built to your exact applications. From our disinfection AUV-ST series starting at 3 gpm, to AUV-S, CS and C series rated from 11 to 270 gpm, to our medium and high flow CH series rated up to 2,160 gpm, all units are hydraulically pressure tested to 225 psi (15.5 bar) before shipment, with 100% verification of all electrical equipment. Upon delivery, the hydrostatic pressure of quartz sleeves are tested and in place to ensure the ease of installation.

TOC Series

Advanced UV TOC Reduction Models. AUV-TOC Reduction Series utilizes Advanced UV’s proven technology to reduce the total oxidizable carbon (TOC) levels in pure water applications.

ST Series

AUV-ST Disinfection & Ozone Destruction Series. AUV-ST ultraviolet disinfection and ozone destruction equipment provides an efficient and chemical-free alternative to multiple applications that are sensitive to microbial contamination and oxidation by ozone.

S, CS, C Series

Low and Medium Flow Disinfection and Ozone Destruction. With optimized electrical ballasts and lamps, the S, CS, and C series offers more efficient power consumption to reduce electricity and total operational costs.

CH Series

Medium and High Flow Disinfection and Ozone Destruction. AUV-CH series delivers superior efficiency for medium and high flow applications.

Special Units

High Performance Technology with Eco-friendly Power Consumption. The AUV-PW series introduces a higher performance TOC reduction capacity for DI and/or UPW applications. Featuring Advanced UV’s patented lamps and matched electronic ballasts for higher capacity TOC reduction, the product line offers the highest performance combined with energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness over other TOC UV units available.

Replacement Parts

Customized Lamps and Power Supplies Knowledge Makes the Difference. Advanced UV’s matched power supplies and lamps are of the highest performing ultraviolet systems available. We measure lamp output specifications based on application use in water, not air, therefore performance data is actual, not interpolated.

Retrofit & Upgrade

When You Retrofit, You Upgrade. Annual plant maintenance shutdowns and retrofit tasks disrupt production and impact profits. However, if you install matched lamps and power supplies in your UV water treatment system, you can increase UV performance and reduce operating costs.

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