Commitment to our customers begins with our proven, advanced ultraviolet technology.

Pure Commitment

Behind our commitment are nearly two decades of understanding customer needs, learning the nuances of the UV industry, and developing solutions accordingly. By putting our relationships and values at the core of our foundation, we maintain our focus on what truly matters to our customers.

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UV Basics page

UV Basics

Let us answer any of your questions about our UV technology or products.
Customer Service page

Customer Service

Find out more about our commitment to customers.
Information Request Form page

Information Request Form

Find out more about Advanced UV and ultraviolet water treatment.
AUV Support technician servicing water treatment equipment

Technical Support

Advanced UV will meet your UV needs and assure the performance and satisfaction levels you desire.

AUV is dedicated to serving our customers with the latest ultraviolet technology for performance that meets your specific water treatment requirements. With decades of experience and expertise in the industry, our engineers are available to answer questions, offer assistance, and provide additional information on your AUV equipment. Please email or call us at (562) 407-0299.

Pure Science. Ultraviolet Water Treatment Products.

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