Performance & Quality

Designing the most efficient system

Though most microorganisms are killed with a UV dose of less than 10,000μW seconds/cm2, for quality control in a variety of applications and water conditions, UV manufacturers specify an end-of-lamp dose (EOL) greater than this amount. Knowing actual lamp intensity in water applications allows Advanced UV to design the most efficient system for each application.
Petri dish with microorganisms killed with uv lamp

Customized Ballasts

Our low-pressure, high-intensity lamps paired with matched electronic ballasts produce some of the highest intensity levels available. With customized ballasts for each application, we can increase output ranges from 20% more to as much as twice the output differential of our competitors. And by driving the lamps correctly, we can guarantee 9000-hour lamp life, better TOC reduction, and less maintenance costs.

Lamp casing with stainless steel compression nipples and single-ended lamp socket

AUV Quality Refinements

While performance is a priority, other quality refinements increase safety and improve maintenance. Stainless steel compression nipples that hold the quartz sleeve tube in place will not crack and leak like the typical plastic compression nut or fittings. Our single-ended lamp sockets are fully insulated and molded with a high-insulation barrier configuration, designed to protect against electrical arcing and degradation in TOC applications.

Advanced UV also offers the option of providing validated lamps and complete documentation and certification to simplify the system validation process.

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