Retrofit & Upgrade

When You Retrofit, You Upgrade

Annual plant maintenance shutdowns and retrofit tasks disrupt production and impact profits. However, if you install matched lamps and power supplies in your UV water treatment system, you can increase UV performance and reduce operating costs.

Advanced UV’s high performance, low-pressure lamps are coupled with matched, electronic ballasts that produce some of the highest UV intensity levels available. By using custom power supplies that are matched to a specific application, performance can be increased by 20% or more over leading power supplies or other off-the-shelf electronic ballasts.

Greater Performance and Power Savings

UV systems on the market are all different. Performance can vary considerably, depending on lamps, ballasts and whether or not they are properly matched. It is common for energy-efficient electronic ballasts to use more power while providing less intensity, if they are not matched with a proper lamp design. There are documented instances where companies have had to switch back to their original magnetic ballasts in order to achieve the desired lamp intensity. Advanced UV’s matched systems solve this issue by delivering greater performance and power savings.

System Modeling

With over 25 years of primary research data, our engineers have developed a modeling software that calculates the actual recommended number of UV lamps required to meet a customer’s specific requirements. With your estimated inlet and outlet TOC levels in the makeup and polishing loops and your consumption and return requirements, the software will size ultraviolet systems based on factual data. Therefore, the days of calculating extra lamps based on 3X, 6X, and 10X over sizing have become obsolete.

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