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Safe and effective disinfection

The food and beverage industry is one of the most crucial to ensure proper disinfection, due to its direct contact with human consumption. Contamination at any point of the process has the potential to cause extremely consequential results, so safe and effective disinfection is vital. The food processing and beverage industry includes both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, such as bottled water, juice, soft drinks, milk and dairy products, and beer.
Green bottles processing in line at beverage plant
UV treatment systems provide an efficient, chemical-free alternative to disinfection. In the food and beverage industry in particular, high standards and regulations are implemented, which complements the capabilities of UV technology. UV treatment effectively eliminates any possible contamination from microorganisms during the disinfection process, and ensures manufacturers of pathogen-free products. UV treatment for process industries is a cost-effective method in eliminating any risk of contamination, and is increasingly applied on a global scale.
uv treatment systems for food and beverage manufacturers

UV treatment for effective and proper disinfection

UV treatment can be applied to each aspect that falls under the food processing and beverage industry. Manufacturers of bottled water use UV disinfection to provide consumers with pure water, extending the shelf life but not compromising the taste. Juice and soft drink production also benefits from UV as it eliminates the risk of the negative effects contamination may have on products. Within the milk and dairy processes, UV ensures the processing residues and fluids are effectively treated, and completely removing any chlorine-resistant organisms in the brewery process water. Each process is capable of employing UV treatment for effective and proper disinfection.

Efficient and chemical-free alternative

All aspects of the processing food and beverage industry have a multitude of benefits with UV treatment. AUV-ST ultraviolet disinfection equipment provides an efficient and chemical-free alternative to multiple applications that are sensitive to microbial contamination. AUV-S, CS, C Series units also effectively eliminate any consequential results, while offering stronger UV intensity output and more efficient power consumption. Depending on the specific process and needs, Advanced UV has the capability to provide proper disinfection for the food processing and beverage industry

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