Semiconductor / Microelectronics Industry

The highest degree of water purity

The semiconductor and microelectronics industry encompasses the production and use of devices that contain electrical conductivity. The field of semiconductors includes devices and equipment that require the highest degree of water purity. It is essential for microelectronic manufacturers to meet the high demands of the technological industry by utilizing both a time-efficient and cost-effective solution.

semiconductors microelectronics

Utilizing UV treatment for the semiconductor industry reduces the residual total oxidizable carbon (TOC) levels found in water. UV is specifically engineered to provide the highest level of water purity, which is crucial to the manufacturing of semiconductor electronics. It provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to ensure a high degree of purity is met.

The most effective, energy-efficient series of units

AUV-TOC Reduction Series uses Advanced UV’s innovative technology to reduce the total oxidizable carbon (TOC) levels in pure water applications. This model demonstrates high-performing capabilities and is the most effective, energy-efficient series of units.

In addition, AUV-ST and CH units deliver superior results to the semiconductor industry and are suitable for medium and high flow applications. Both AUV-TOC and ST, and CH units are engineered to meet the specific needs of the semiconductor and microelectronics industry.

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